Warm Sky Over Hilltop

Frank Lloyd Wright designed many of his homes with small, confined entrances.  His intention was to create a sense of release; a feeling of freedom when a guest left the foyer to enter the adjoining room that boasted high ceilings, open space for many, large windows and an impression of grandeur.  Once leaving the entrance there is no question that you have walked into something special.  The first time I walked the Grand Forest West, I of course appreciated the greens, the tall creaking Pacific Northwest trees, and the shade that only those surroundings can provide, but unexpectedly reaching Hilltop's wide open field gave me that same sense of freedom, and I felt like I had stumbled upon a treasure.  It's the surprise, the "Oh!", the cherry on-top of your walk.

This painting will be included in the Bainbridge Island Land Trust auction in July.