Why Royal Hens?

If we can decipher whether or not a community is happy based on the lifestyle of its pets, then the chickens on Bainbridge Island indicate that its citizens are content beyond measure.  Chickens live cushy lives on this little island that I adore, which has one bridge, a few wineries, about 24,000 people and coffee sent from heaven at Hitchcock Deli.  Many of the feathered friends live in custom built coops designed to resemble their owners' home, some complete with a small chandelier and a couple of pieces of artwork to adorn the walls.  I have witnessed them being fed the Dungeness crab that didn't get finished at dinner, and free-range has a new meaning when you see two fluffy, caramel-colored hens strolling along the sidewalk towards the park near a local grocery store.  Chilly in the evening? Chicken sweaters.  Automatic chicken coop doors? They exist.  This is the life of a Royal Hen, and why not? Caring for another living thing so kindheartedly is rewarding, and in this case a reflection on how members of this community care for one another.